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Quilting set Tools- ( Chalk, Wax, Clips)


Combo set:

50 quilting clips
Natural chalk set with replacement chalk.
Bee Wax Conditioner thread

The quilting clips are of excellent quality made of acrylic and with markings to help with your sewing, a great substitute for pins or where you are not able to use pins like leather, heavy weight fabrics and binding.

The natural chalk set is perfect where you can iron after you have marked your lines as it is wax free and will not stain most fabrics (please test it before use), the set contain a mechanical pencil, sharpener and spare chalk.

The bee wax condition is perfect for hand sewing the bias binding that help, not tangle the thread making soft for the thread to go true the fabric or any kind of material

* Please Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question about the product.
*Duo to different computers screen setting colours may be different from original.

*Happy Sewing!
Always Unique, Never Boring.
Thank you for supporting my business.
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